Mobile App Home Page Customization

Mobile App Home Page Customization

Step 1: Go to Settings tab in your Admin Panel

Step 2:
Scroll down to Mobile Color Codes

Step 3:
Enter the code for the below changes in the Template

a) For Logo : "hideCategory":"Post Your AD"
/* If you don't want Foodgrains, Oil and Masala then type
"hideCategory": "Foodgrains, Oil and Masala" it won't display even you add products*/


b) To Make Category Name Bold: "BoldCategory": "name"
/* To make category name bold in the menu use
"BoldCategory": "Post Your AD" */
( Demo : )


c) To Hide Category Name in the Home Screen: "hideCategoryName": "true"
/* Here you can see there is no category name only category images got displayed */
 ( Demo : )

d) To Change Header Status Bar Color: "status-backgroundColor":"#000000"

e) To add Logo instead of Company Name: "mobile_header_image":"image_url", "DisplayBannerImageOnHeader":"true"
/* For image URL enter the dynamic path of that image */

Note: For dynamic URL

Step 1: Upload the image in any one of the description boxes
Step 2: Click on Code View

Step 3: Copy the image path and paste instead of the image URL in the code


f) For Footer Banner:

Step 1: Select vendor banner tab in Admin Panel

Step 2: Then click on Add Banner  

Step 3: Location : Bottom full-width then Banner type : Mobile 

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