How to Create & Integrate Payu Money Account with our website?

How to Create & Integrate Payu Money Account with our website?

Step 1 - Go to and click signup. 

Step 2 - Go to and click signup and floow the steps to complete the setup.

Step 3 - After Account creation click "Profile"

Step 5 - In Profile complete the all tabs.

Step 6 - After completing final step ( Bank Account Verification). Payu Money will send small amount to customer bank account. Need to enter that Exact amount under final step text box and click verify account. customer account will verified and automatically enabled next "WEBSITE" Field.

Step 7 - In Next Step Click - "Collect payments on your Website or Mobile App via Payment Gateway Integration" Then Enter customer Website. Click Submit.

Note - Website should be in "Live" While doing this step. 

Step 8 - After Website verification Need to fill some Website Ownership Details.

Step 9 : After updating Website Ownership details. Need to upload important Documents to the payumoney. 

Step 10 : After Completing Document uploading it will redirect to final verification step.

Step 11 - Make sure account in Live Mode

Step 12 - Final Step. Click Profile -> Integration icon -> Copy the Merchant Key and Merchant salt. They need to send this keys to us. We will integerate to our website.

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