How To Create Header html Froala Design Blocks

How To Create Header html Froala Design Blocks

Step 2 - Select Header 

Step - 3 - Choose a Header style then click Code View

Step - 4 - Copy the code

Note - Make sure Hide Header Menu Option is enable in Header Component Page 

Step - 5 - Then Paste the code in the Header Box in Company Details Page 

Note - Remove <header> in the first line and </header> in the last line from the code you copied in froala

Step - 5 - Add this common code in Custom CSS Code Box in Company Details Page
#topmost .navbar-brand  { display: inline-block; } #topmost #navbarNav3 { display: flex !important; } #topmost .navbar {   background: none!important;   width: 100% } #topmost ul.navbar-nav { margin-left: auto !important; } #topmost .btn-outline-primary {   border-color: #329ef7 } .desktop-header.affix #topmost .navbar {   background: #d122d1 !important; } #header-bar {   display: none !important; } #header-area {   height: 90px !important; }

Step - 6 - Then Click Update Profile

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